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DIPS Elementary School

At DIPS, our elementary program is designed to inspire young minds, foster curiosity, and lay a solid foundation for academic success. We follow the American curriculum, focusing on a holistic approach to education that nurtures each child's intellectual, emotional, and social growth.


"We embrace a Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Model of Learning; we utilize technology as an educational tool; we believe that we are a community of learners; we foster innovative thought through innovative space; and we ensure our students possess the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy".

Students’ Well Being and Personal Social and Emotional Development is at the forefront of our school life and you will feel this when you enter our school.

Dubai International Private School

Student Life in Elementary

Student life in elementary is one of the most memorable phases of a child’s life. The phase of student life builds the foundation of their life. In student life, we do not just learn from books. We learn to grow emotionally, physically, philosophically as well as socially. Have a look at how a child enjoys learning and activities in the Elementary Section at DIPS.

Elementary here at DIPS consists of Grades 1 -5. All students begin their day with a variety of assembly opportunities. These assemblies reflect their learning and learning skills at DIPS. The students are happy and motivated to come every day to school. When children come to school they meet their friends and begin their day socializing and talking about the things they love and building their friendships. Friendship are crucial when it comes to school. They help in having a positive learning environment when you learn something new with a friend, so this time is very important.

Dubai International Private School

Our Philosophy

As the teachers come out and greet their students and take them to their classes, they have casual conversations building that trusting relationship with their teacher as well as they develop their responsibility by putting their bags away and getting out the items they will need for class so that they are ready to learn. Students are prepared to learn as the teacher lays out the plan for the day and when things will be taught.

Students in Elementary, not only have the key, core subjects of Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Arabic, and Islamic but they are provided with classes in PE, Music, Art, Moral Education, UAE Social Studies, French and Civics. The classrooms consist of the teacher working with whole class, or small groups, or even one on one time with students to ensure that they are learning the material. We have full time assistants in Grade 1 and Special assistant for Grade 2 and 3 that come in and give extra support and/or provide extensions in learning so that students learn what is required and stay challenged in their learning.

DIPS approaches learning as a team where many individuals are working together to ensure that each student is learning, feels safe, can ask questions if they don’t understand, and still enjoy learning.

Extensions in learning also include trips that solidify what students are learning in the classroom to an outside experience. Here are only a few trips that each grade level has experienced.

  • Grade 1- Trip to Green Planet (Link to learning- Learning about animals and habitat)
  • Grade 2- Trip to Green Planet (Link to learning- Learning about plants and habitat)
  • Grade 3- Trip to the Green Planet (Link to learning- Learning about habitats)
  • Grade 4- Trip to Infinity Museum (Link to learning- Learning about graphics)
  • Grade 5- Trip to Infinity Museum (Link to learning- Learning about patterns in maths)

Teachers and teaching assistants desire is for the wellbeing of the student, from the beginning of the day while they socialize with their friends, to the academic learning, to the break times, to the teacher/student relationship to be one that builds a student's desire and participation in learning, enjoy being at school, and develop respectful relationships with friends and staff in the school.

Dubai International Private School

Student Learning in Elementary

In Grades 1 through 5 the curriculum centers on the basic skills in all subject areas and introduces higher-level thinking skills to challenge students understanding and stimulate their interests through the Concept-Based Curriculum Instruction approach, and in literacy through the Daily 5 center-based approach to learning. At DIPS, our aim is that students to develop independent learning skills while also having a love of learning for life.

Elementary Curriculum Overview

Core Subjects: Our curriculum covers a wide spectrum of subjects, including:

  • English Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Communication Skills.
  • Mathematics: Fundamental Concepts, Problem-Solving, and Critical Thinking.
  • Science: Exploration of Scientific Principles and Hands-On Experiments.
  • UAE Social Studies: Cultural Understanding, History, Geography, and Civics.
  • Physical Education: Health, Fitness, and Sportsmanship.
  • Arabic and Islamic In line with UAE expectations.
  • French and Computer.

Special Programs: Explore our specialized programs:

  • STEAM Education: Integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics to foster innovation and creativity.
  • Language Learning: Introduction to Foreign Languages to broaden linguistic horizons.

Enrichment Activities: Our students participate in enriching activities encompassing Music, Arts, and Technology, promoting creativity and self-expression. In the elementary section, various useful activities are carried out through which students enhance their skills and talents.

Student Care & Support

At DIPS Students health and safety is at the core of everything we do. Students’ safety and care at provided with the best provisions at DIPS We support our students to ensure they are safe and ready for the future. Our open-door policy helps parents to get the required support as and when required.

Celebrating outstanding achievements and practices

Outstanding practices are shared and celebrated, and awards and certificates of recognition are given to employees. Where staff are recognized and valued for their contribution to the outstanding learning opportunities provided to students.

Teaching and Learning Approach

Student-Centered Learning: Our educators employ a student-centric approach that encourages inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Differentiated Instruction: Teachers tailor instruction to accommodate various learning styles and abilities, ensuring every student's success.

Support Services and Resources

Student Support Services: We offer resources and programs to support students who require additional academic assistance or have specific learning needs.

Parental Involvement: Parents are integral partners in their child's education. Explore ways to engage with the school, attend workshops, and collaborate with teachers.

Campus Facilities

Our elementary school is equipped with modern facilities designed to enhance the learning experience:

  • Spacious and Interactive Classrooms
  • Science Laboratories for Hands-On Experiments
  • Libraries stocked with a diverse array of reading materials
  • Playground and Recreational Areas promoting physical activity and social interaction

Beyond Academics

Extracurricular Activities: Discover our extensive extracurricular offerings, including clubs, sports teams, and creative outlets, fostering well-rounded development.

Community Engagement: Engage in community service projects, charity events, and collaborative activities that instill values of empathy and global citizenship.

Admissions Information

Admissions Process: Step-by-step guide to the application and enrollment process.

Open House Events

Join us at our Open House sessions to experience our vibrant school environment and meet our faculty and staff.

Contact Us

Get in touch with our admissions team or schedule a visit to our campus. We are committed to providing a nurturing and stimulating educational environment for your child's growth.