Dubai International Private School


  • The Dubai International Private School, we focus on inclusivity involves creating a positive and supportive school culture where diversity is celebrated, and all students feel valued. This includes addressing issues of equity, providing support for diverse learning needs, and promoting a sense of belonging among students.
  • As a team, educators at DIPS work collaboratively to support students on their individual journeys through their education at DIPS and beyond.
  • The school system operates a right-based model of education where we value diversity, as it creates a rich environment for all our students to learn and succeed.
  • DIPS wholeheartedly believes that successful and quality Inclusion provides all our students with the best chance for personal success while considering their wellbeing.
Dubai International Private School

DIPS aims to provide all students with the opportunity to achieve their best academically, emotionally, and socially through:

  • Providing high quality learning that is tailored to the individual student to enable the acquisition of skills, knowledge, and concepts relevant to their future.
  • Promoting an ethos of care, mutual respect, and support, where effort is valued, and success celebrated.
  • Enabling students to become active, responsible, independent, and caring members of the school and wider international community.
  • Promoting wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle.
Dubai International Private School

Gifted and Talented

DIPS Vision for the Gifted and Talented Students:

DIPS, in partnership with parents and the community, strives to inspire gifted students to utilize their talents and intellect to realize their full potential within an enriching academic environment. At DIPS, educators promote complex levels of thinking by working collaboratively, seeking innovative solutions, and challenging their unique, creative abilities.

Gifted and Talented Program Goals

  • Students will become critical thinkers and problem solvers.
  • Students will use increasingly complex levels of thinking and production.
  • Students will accept greater responsibility for their own learning.
  • Students will develop civic responsibility and an open-minded perspective.
Dubai International Private School

DIPS Learning Support Team

  • Dr. Areej Ahmed - Inclusion and SEND HOD.
  • Rona Al Kha- Math support teacher Grade 1-5.
  • Angeline Battalah- Learning support teacher English/Science- Grade 1-5.
  • Omnia Mohamed- Arabic SEN Teacher 1-5 and grade 6&7 girls.
  • Voltaire Jimenez-Learning Support teacher BOYS Grade 6-8 English and Math.
  • Regina Ramirez-Learning Support teacher, Math and Science.
  • Eliza de los Reyes- Learning Support teacher, English.
Dubai International Private School

Inclusive classrooms

  • Tailored for all students.
  • Makes differences less “different.”
  • Sets high expectations for all students.
  • Provides accommodation and modifications in the least restrictive environment.
  • Embraces Universal Design for Learning.
  • Offers strong students support personalized educational plans.