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Parent Council

Dubai International Private School

Welcome DIPS Members!

Welcome to the Dubai International Private School (Al-Quoz) community. DIPS considers parents as partners in the children’s education; hence we look forward to your involvement in school’s events, projects and activities planned for students throughout the year as well as your suggested constructive feedback and suggestions.

DIPS Parent Council represents the entire school parent population. The aim of the Parent Council is to build and strengthen the community of parents and families within the school. With Parents help, DIPS is able to provide a wide variety of activities such as guest speakers, engaging in school trips and activities such as the International Food Festival, National Day, International Days, and so much more.

Dubai International Private School

How can you get involved?

DIPS success is bounded by parent engagement. We offer opportunities for parents to volunteer and head numerous committees for organizing various events. Parents Council members are chosen through parents’ election in school. However, the school provides opportunities for all parents to volunteer in various kinds of activities and events.

If you wish to get involved, please send an email to ghada@mydischool.com

DIPS Parents Council Members

Nada Al Marzooqi

Email: nada.marzooqi@mydischool.com

Najieyah Al Badoor

Email: najieyahalbadoor@gmail.com

Noora Mohammad

Email: noorakahoor@gmail.com

Salwa Khamis

Email: skmb036@gmail.com

Meera Saleh

Email: meeraaldhaheri999@icloud.com

Shuaa Al Matrooshi

Email: shuaa.ahmad@hotmail.com

Suha Al Mulla

Email: sohaalmulla@gmail.com

Nuha Abbas Sallam

Email: nuha.sallam@gmail.com

Fahad Al Shamsi

Email: f.alshamsi@gmail.com

Majdi Shehada

Email: majdi.shehada@hotmail.com

Rafeef Al Qaisi

Email: rafeefdxb@gmail.com

Shaikha Al Aidaroos

Email: shaikha.alaidaroos@gmail.com