Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What facilities are available at the school?

DIPS is an inclusive school providing the best learning experience and a welcoming environment for all students. Our spacious classrooms use the latest technologies with state-of-the-art interactive boards in all Elementary, Middle, and High School Classes as well as smart boards in Kindergarten. The school provides excellent IT facilities, a visual-arts room, computer labs, a music room, science labs, a library, cafeterias, and an impressive array of sporting facilities, including, basketball courts, swimming pools, full-sized football pitch, and badminton.

Who do I contact when..
My child is sick and will be absent from school:  Please contact on the following number:
  • Kindergarten (KG1 – KG 2): 04 3383812
Please contact on school number 04 3380370 and dial the extensions mentioned below:
  • Lower Elementary (Gr.1 – Gr.3):  113/130/107
  • Upper Elementary (Gr.4 – Gr.5): 134
  • Middle School (Gr.6- Gr. 8):
    • Girls Supervisor: 151
    • Boys Supervisor: 138
  • High School (Gr. 9- Gr. 12):
    • Girls Supervisor (Gr.9-10): 120
    • Girls Supervisor (Gr.11-12):111
    • Boys Supervisor (Gr.9-10):  140
    • Boys Supervisor (Gr.11-12): 137
Queries About Contact
A course, assignment, or resource The relevant teacher (email addresses attached at the end of the Parent & Student Handbook)
Technology Related Problem

Mr. Salman IT

Ext: 123

School Website & Online Resources

Mrs. Aminah

Ext: 223

A personal, academic, or social-emotional concern

Elementary & Middle School Counsellor- Mrs. Nancy

Ext: 133

High-School Counsellor- Mrs. Samah Naffa

Ext: 152

Other issues related to Teaching & Learning

Section Head KG: Mrs. Suhad El Kassar

Ext: 04-3383812

Section Head Elementary: Mrs. Rinkle Jadeja

Ext: 128

Section Head Middle & High School:

Mrs. Sehrish Zafar

Ext: 144

How can I check my child’s grades?
KG- Gr.3 Students’ work and portfolios are sent to parents through Seesaw whereas on Gr.4-Gr.12 students’ work and portfolios are generated through Schoology and MS Teams. Progress reports are issued twice per academic year. KG- Gr.12 – Each parent and student are given a password to access Global ERPs where students’ grades are posted and updated regularly.
Are students given choices in their learning?

DIPS follows “My Voice My Choice” and believes in taking regular feedback from students and giving choices to students in their learning journey. Students are offered various learning strategies meeting their individualized needs and learning preferences e.g., visual, kinaesthetic, auditory.

What elective courses does the school offer?

DIPS gives students the opportunity to explore and select specific areas of study they are interested in. A wide range of elective courses offered at DIPS helps students to discover their passions based on their personal interests and academic goals. DIPS offers a variety of elective courses for High School students in the field of Sciences, Business Administration, IT, and Media. Additionally, the school offers AP Courses in Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Do you offer career and guidance counselling for students in High School?

Continuous guidance is available for both High-school students (9-12) and their parents during the whole academic year. Parents and students can contact and meet the counselor at any time during the academic year.

Students receive guidance and support when choosing their elective courses, different workshops, and events (such as Career Talk, University Fairs, Career Fairs, etc.) are conducted to help students build their career pathways based on the proposed electives.

Which colleges and universities does the school have partnership with?

DIPS is continuously building partnerships with national and international universities to facilitate students’ transition to universities and benefit from arising opportunities. DIPS has signed memorandums of understanding (MOU) with the AUS, AUE, AUD and Canadian University and looking forward for more collaborations.