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Guidance Counselling

Our Secondary School Career Guidance Program aims to empower students and families through comprehensive counseling with well-being, academic, career and university counselling services. The counsellor also assists and reinforce students’ skills and enrich their abilities in order to take the right decisions regarding their career paths and future vocations.

Career guidance is considered a crucial part of schooling due to its essential role in preparing students for the future. We believe that careers nowadays are being established through a connected and sequenced choices that people tend to take in the educational and vocational fields.

The main objective of our Guidance Program is to have well-prepared students who have the mental and internal readiness to move on successfully from the world of learning to the world of employment.

Since the career paths’ decisions have a great impact on students’ lives in all aspects, such as education, employment, social lives, finances, health outcomes and others, it is our duty to direct students to the pathways that suit their interests and aspirations in addition to the fact of having high-paying and extremely recommended careers in the market.

Our Secondary School Career Guidance Program involves the following activities:

  • Psychometric Testing.
  • Community Service and Volunteering
  • University Campus Visits (around the UAE).
  • Career Days
  • University Fairs hosting National and International Universities
  • Workshops at different universities.
  • NAPO Registration.
  • Developing essential Soft Skills: Each student writes a Personal Statement, builds his/her own academic C.V, and sits for a Mock Interview.
  • IELTS, SAT, EMSAT, TOEFL registration and preparation awareness & guidance sessions. (Students are responsible to register for these external exams by themselves)
  • Course and University selection:

Individual and group meetings are conducted regularly with students to expose university choices, majors, and requirements.

  • Students of Determination – After-school:

Cooperating with parents of SODs to know more about universities and colleges with comprehensive and inclusive support to cater their kids.

  • University Applications:

Regular submissions of national and international university applications such as Common App, UCAS, etc.

  • Guest Speakers:

Guest Speakers are invited regularly to conduct awareness sessions with our students regarding academic and social issues as well as giving them a perspective of the practical life.


Volunteer Work

University Fair 

Social, Emotional Learning & Counselling