Career Counseling

Career Counseling


Our rigorous Secondary School Career Guidance Program aims at assisting and reinforcing students’ skills and enriching their abilities in order to take the right decisions regarding their career paths and future vocations.

Career guidance is considered a crucial part of schooling due to its essential role in preparing students for the future. We believe that careers nowadays are being established through a connected and sequenced choices that people tend to take in the educational and vocational fields.

The main objective of our Guidance Program is to have well-prepared students who have the mental and internal readiness to move on successfully from the world of learning to the world of employment.

Since the career paths’ decisions have a great impact on students’ lives in all aspects, such as education, employment, social lives, finances, health outcomes and others, it is our duty to direct students to the pathways that suit their interests and aspirations in addition to the fact of having high-paying and extremely recommended careers in the market.


Our secondary school career guidance program involves the following

Community Service and Volunteering. 

• University Campus Visits (around the UAE).

• Psychometric Testing.

• Developing essential Soft Skills:

 Each student writes a Personal Statement, builds his/her own academic C.V, and sits for a Mock Interview.

• IELTS, SAT, EMSAT, TOEFL registration and preparation sessions.

• Course and University selection:

Individual and group meetings are being done regularly with students to expose university choices, majors and requirements.

• Students of Determination – After-school:

Cooperating with parents of SEND Students to know more about universities and colleges with comprehensive and inclusive support to cater their kids.

 University Applications:

Regular submissions of national and international university applications such as Common App, UCAS, etc.

• University Fairs that host national and international universities.

Workshops at different universities.

• NAPO Registration.

Elective Classes

High and middle schools in DIPS, require students to take elective classes in addition to their required curriculum courses: math, science, language arts, and history. Options may include subjects such as art, music, drama, computer programming, and business. Schools vary on their graduation requirements though and may require that a student complete a certain number of elective credits that fall under Fine Art or World Language categories. This does limit your options to some extent, but by knowing what is required, you will know what to look for. If you do not know where to find a list, be sure to ask your counselor for help, if so, students will have a clear understanding of what the course entails.


EMSAT is an Emirates exam instead of the previous one for students in grade 12, in our school this is for emirates students only because we teach American curriculum & it is a mandatory exam for local students to complete their studies in universities, colleges & to attend national force.

More about EMSAT

It includes three main subjects (General sciences, Math, & English)

*For more details please check & find this PowerPoint.

The career counselor at the high school guides students to university education by:

  • Providing students with important information about university enrollment.
  • Hold a career Test for students to determine their professional qualifications and abilities, and help determine the type of profession appropriate to each student’s personality.  Please try this Link.
  • Communicating with universities inside and outside the United Arab Emirates by telephone, e-mail, to help students obtain certain information and details, as well as registration requirements.
  • Providing the vocational guidance office with manuals on most of the local and international universities to which students usually attend and the student’s access to any information.
  • Providing students with a new professional search engine that has been activated in the UAE, which helps students and parents to browse all the websites of local government and private universities and knows all the details (degree in
  • Updating information on career guidance on the Dubai International Private School website, which helps parents and students learn about the vocational guidance service.
  •   At the beginning of every academic year, the career counselor at the secondary school invites local and international universities to the career fair which is held in the school building. The aim is to assist students and their parents in obtaining information and details concerning universities, disciplines, and university registration requirements. Which will be held for the next academic year.
  • Meeting students in the classrooms to provide professional guidance, provide the students with the information they need, and inquire about their questions.
  • Communicating with students and parents in order to provide them with information regarding their children’s attitudes and abilities and their professional orientations.
  • Providing students in grade 12 with sufficient information about the dates of the external exams that they must do and its role in dealing with the high school diploma to be equivalent to the KHDA. Each student must obtain a minimum score of 440 in (Math) / SAT as well as 5.5 as a minimum in IELTS.